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  • $13$1,000

    Elandra Font is a classy serif display font with unique style. This font has beautiful and elegant character and that looks awesome in just about every context. Can be used for various industries such as cosmetic, fashion, florist, furniture, jewelry, travel, wedding, and many more! Elandra Font includes full set […]

  • $13$950

    Flower Snow Font is a elegant beautiful display font, created by VinType Studio. This font has two different styles, script for uppercase and sans serif for lowercase. This combination makes them fit into many designs, such as invitation, signage, label, website, business card, brochure, custom design, gift box, product packaging, […]

  • $11$900

    Good Honey Font is a elegant stylish display font, created by VinType Studio. This font has two different lowercase types. Apart from being slanted, one of them also has a different appearance with the addition of a small line at the end of the letters. It can be used in […]

  • $13$1,100

    Orlean City Font is a stylish serif display font designed by Vintype Studio. The characters in this font will bring infinite beauty and unique appearance to any of your projects. You can use this font on many industries such as fashion, cosmetic, artist, custom design, interior design, publishing, printing, hotel, […]

  • $15$1,100

    Privileged Elite Font is an elegant serif display font. The characters in this font will give ultimate luxury to any design you create. It will be suitable for many industries, such as fashion, beauty product, perfume, wedding organizer, spa and salon, home furnishing, florist, publishing, printing, and more! Privileged Elite […]

  • $13$990

    Queenscliff Font is a stylish sans serif display font by Vintype Studio. The beauty of this font is undeniable and will make the projects feel luxurious vibe in every way you make. This one should make your design instantly perfect and professional! Queenscliff Font includes full set of Uppercase Basic […]